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Here are videos I’ve made, whether they’re for official reasons (such as stuff I did at University) or just for fun. In time I hope to make more videos, both just random stuff and specific films, and in time they’ll be added.

Date Title Description Download Size

Unknown; Pre-1998

Teddy Wars

A random stop-go animation I made years ago, using Peter Rabbit and Friends figures I got free with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, with a Star Wars theme. "Better than Star Wars Episode 1" - a viewer



Early 2002

How to spot a UFO

For a University multimedia class - how to spot a UFO (or more, what will happen if you do)

QuickTime 3ivX


Early 2002

How to spot a ghost

For a University multimedia class - how to spot a ghost (or the difference between a person and a ghost)

QuickTime 3ivX



Interval recording experiment

Testing the "Interval" recording function on my camcorder, out a rear window of our house. 0.5 secs every 10 minutes. I like how it caught the sunset, and little snippets of life - cars in the background, some people waving goodbye, someone walking their dog.




Night time drive

Testing my HD camcorder mounted in the car at night. Sadly, the camcorder can’t focus well in low (or even medium) light.


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