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Here are a list of the projects I have worked or am currently working on. Some of them have been going on for some time, and I may never finish ;)

  • Weather Station - an electronic weather station

  • Xbox 360 Controller - info on the wired controller’s connection, the Wireless Gaming Receiver and a Mac OS X driver for both

  • PS3 Controller - info on the official Sony PS3 controller, including a driver for Mac OS X

  • Hauppauge Nova-T BDA Driver - A Windows BDA driver for the Hauppauge Nova-T/TechnoTrend Budget PCI DVB-T receiver PCI cards. (Only older version supported)

  • BogleCMS - Like everyone and their dog, I wrote my own CMS, for this website.

  • MunrOS - my own concept for an OS. Proceeding very slowly.

  • Quirky Wink Hub - hacking for home automation

  • IDE CD-ROM Sim - simulates a CD or DVD-ROM drive using ISO/BIN+CUE with full audio support for Konami 573 arcade boards, Namco 246/256 arcade boards and other PATA systems

Other projects I have haven’t been listed yet, so please stand by for adventure.

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