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Here are videos I've made, whether they're for official reasons (such as stuff I did at University) or just for fun. In time I hope to make more videos, both just random stuff and specific films, and in time they'll be added.

Date Title Description Download Size
Unknown; Pre-1998 Teddy Wars A random stop-go animation I made years ago, using Peter Rabbit and Friends figures I got free with Kellogg's Rice Krispies, with a Star Wars theme. "Better than Star Wars Episode 1" - a viewer MPEG 1.4Mb
Early 2002 How to spot a UFO For a University multimedia class - how to spot a UFO (or more, what will happen if you do) QuickTime 3ivX 22.1Mb
Early 2002 How to spot a ghost For a University multimedia class - how to spot a ghost (or the difference between a person and a ghost) QuickTime 3ivX 12.5Mb
6/3/2006 Interval recording experiment Testing the "Interval" recording function on my camcorder, out a rear window of our house. 0.5 secs every 10 minutes. I like how it caught the sunset, and little snippets of life - cars in the background, some people waving goodbye, someone walking their dog. MP4 2.8Mb
1/08/2009 Night time drive Testing my HD camcorder mounted in the car at night. Sadly, the camcorder can't focus well in low (or even medium) light. N/A

Titles link to Google Video version for quick viewing.

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